An organization is comprised of many disciplines and departments, all of which require high performance to yield maximum return for the business, the employees, and its customers.  With our experience, we can help ensure everyone is on the same cadence to scale & grow!

With knowledge, "strategery", and a leadership team that embraces change, a business can achieve a higher performance - in customer loyalty, market share, profitability and employee engagement.  It may take a different cadence.  That's where we can help; improving your cadence resulting in enduring greatness.

WHO ARE WE?  Consider us a Chief Operating Officer life-line ... at a fraction of the cost with a significant depth of experience and knowledge to make immediate impact in your business.


"Next to actually starting the business, inviting Rick to conduct a three-day Executive Leadership Seminar has been the best decision our company has made. We were blown away! His insight as a seasoned C-level executive, creative thinking and inspiring personal traits, allowed him to accurately assess our needs and then engage us in a manner that brought true results. We gained a strategy and action plan that has helped take our organization to a new level of focus, communication and productivity.

Mike Evenson - CFO, Re-Gen Enterprises LLC